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Our Thoroughbreds Available for Adoption

Filly Mae - back view, Homestretch Thoro

FILLY MAE - Available for Adoption

Meet Filly Mae, a 14.2 hh, 13-year-old pony-sized mare.

She is a dark bay with chrome. Mae Mae was a kids' horse down in Ocala, Florida. Kids grew up, and she moved to the broodmare field to spend retirement. 

She was sent to us by the owner to find her a new home. She also prefers kids to adults. Because of her time off, we suggest a few weeks with the trainer of your choice. 

Filly Mae is super smart, and everything comes right back to her. Truly a diamond for the right home.


*UPDATE: We have been awarded a grant from After the Finish Line to train Filly Mae!

Adoption fee: $1,700 - Located in Knoxville, Tennessee


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Misty_front_Homestretch Thoroughbred Rescue_edited.jpg

MISTY - Adopted

Barn name:  MISTY (Located in Knoxville, TN)

"Misty," a 12-year-old, 15.3hh mare is up for adoption. She is one of our estate horses.

Misty has had ground training and started under saddleShe is willing, super smart, and learns quickly. Sound, this very nice mare would do well in English or Western disciplines, with her naturally low headset. She is familiar with woods, trails, and crossing obstacles. She loads, leads, and stands for the farrier. Papers will be available.

Her only negative? She makes the most mean, crucial mare dragon face we have seen when she needs to keep the other horses in line. 
This mare will make a nice horse for an intermediate and above rider.


For more information or to apply for adoption, please contact us at 865-438-7678 or via

Adoption fee (for approved adopter): $1,800



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Misty_side view_Homestretch Thoroughbred
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Sunny full view.jpg


Barn name:  SUNNY

RED GIANT SUN, a 10-year-old, 16-hands dark bay gelding. Grandson of Giants Causeway, who left his mark on his offspring who have an extra special attachment to their person.

A good boy under saddle with experience in trails and jumping obstacles. He is a solid horse with no known injuries. "Sunny" is one of the most social horses we have had here. He loves and trusts people.

Sunny also has a brain with a knack for storing new information like a steel cabinet. For example, after racing only four times, he was caught up in a multi-horse wreck at the starting gate. He was uninjured. Despite the fact that he lost his jockey during the wreck, this horse charged ahead riderless and finished the entire race in 6th place. The other horses were still at the gate area. You teach him and he will remember!

Great work ethic, personality, and gorgeous confirmation. Sunny is one of our estate horses and has never had any trauma or bad treatment.

To adopt, please message us for adoption information and video; or text 865-438-7678.




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Barn name:  Sunny


She is an 8 yo 15.3 Oklahoma bred bay mare.


Sunny is super smart and eager to please.  She is a beautiful mover and easily goes over the smaller jumps we have tried with her.  She only has 6 starts and last raced 5 years ago and retired sound.


Sunny came to us as an owner donation and part of an estate.  She also does well in turnout. 


For more information or to apply for adoption, please contact us via Facebook or email:



RUSH - Adopted

Barn name:  Rush


Rush is a long yearling KY-bred gelding. 


He’s over 15.3 and growing.  We have begun his training with ground work and gentle conditioning.  He’s sound, smart and gets along fine in a herd.  


A barn favorite, Rush loves going to the fence and greeting visitors.


When he was still a baby, Rush came to us as a true-blue slaughter rescue.  I personally pulled him off a truck and the rest of the horses from his farm left for Mexico. 

We would love for Rush to be someone’s Cinderella story.





TAZ - Adopted

Barn name:  Taz


This is Taz.  He’s a 15 year old 17hh gelding.


Never raced, Taz was the personal horse of the race farm owner until he passed away.  


Through now fault of his own, Taz is looking for his new person.  








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