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The Homestretch Thoroughbred Rescue

Since moving here, I have often said that my pretty little farm was a gift from God.  The moment the front gates close behind you, it feels like the outside world, and the problems that go with it are shut out and left behind.  Feelings of peace, protection, and security replace strife, anxiety, and insecurity.  Children, especially feel it.  The calm.  The peace.  The happy.  Each time my grandchildren visited, they referred to the farm as the "The Happy Place Farm." The name stuck.  


When I bought The Happy Place Farm, I brought two rescued Thoroughbreds, a rescued pony, and a rescued donkey with no tail; and we made it home.  From the time I began retraining an off-the-track warhorse until now, people would call and tell me about a Thoroughbred that needed to be rescued.  Not long ago I got a call and upon arrival, the horse was not a Thoroughbred, but a Warmblood.  I brought her home and she's doing great. 


Recently, I had so many calls for help, I decided to start a non-profit.  That's when The Homestretch Thoroughbred Rescue began.  In one and a half months, all the State and Federal requirements were met, social media set up, and adoptions began.  I have rescued horses straight off the track.  Or horses who were adopted and/or purchased with no consideration to the "match," and the adoption or purchase failed, leaving a really confused and unhappy horse.  Lastly, whenever I get the chance or someone calls me, I try to go the horse meat sales and save the Thoroughbreds headed for slaughter.  Yes, horse meat sales are real around the United States.  The horses are sold by the pound, exactly as cattle would be.   A recent rescue saved a yearling.  It was too late to save his mother.  She had already been sold and was bound for slaughter in Mexico. I will bring him home from quarantine soon.  We will close the gate and welcome him to The Happy Place Farm, where he will be safe, loved, and prepared for a future with an owner who will love him.  

I wish I could save them all.  It would be impossible, so I save the ones I can.


Kim Brock-Howard, The Homestretch Thoroughbred Rescue Director and The Happy Place Farm Owner

October 2019


"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity,

you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."  

~ St. Francis of Assisi

© 2019 by The Homestretch Thoroughbred Rescue

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